Roller shelf shelves with dividing wires

Feb 28 , 2024

Convenience shelf store cooler racks relies on the weight of the product itself. When the goods in the front row are taken away, the goods in the back use rollers to slide the goods to the front automatically. As a high-tech product, the self-weight slide rack is novel and unique.

The use of freezer fridge shelf shelves facilitates replenishment and allows the goods to always be displayed at the front. The popularity of self-gravity slides will be greatly accelerated in the future, and the market space is huge.

grocery shelves flow shelf

The dividing iron line is a line used to separate the queues of goods. The main function of this dividing iron line is to make the goods, such as beverage bottles, glass bottles, and cans, neatly arranged. After the customer picks up the first bottle of drink, the second The bottle and the beverage behind it automatically slide to the front. If there is no separation wire, the shelf space will be wasted. On the other hand, it will directly affect the function of the self-weight slide.

Dimensions and specifications of the dividing wire: The height of the current universal version is 60m, mainly for 500mL series of beverage products. The length is customized and matched according to the depth of the shelf slide. In addition, there are other height specifications. You need to inform us of your product during the order process. and specifications, we carry out the best configuration so that the divided iron wire-assisted self-weight slide can achieve better results.

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