What are the advantages of roller shelf in freezers?

Mar 06 , 2024

For products in the refrigerator and beverage area of convenience stores, the use of Convenience shelf display roller can save merchants electricity and labor costs. While keeping the products always displayed at the front, it can also make the products easy for customers to select.

This solves the problem that the products in the freezer are ignored and cannot be accessed by customers because they are not displayed on the front end.

Product advantages of Cooler display design shelves for freezers: The ball slides are made of international standard environmentally friendly HIPS materials. The material is not corroded and is light to hold. It is wear-resistant and load-bearing and has a long life.

Improve product display to increase sales, reduce the time of manually organizing shelves, and reduce the time of opening the refrigerator. The shelf slide saves labor costs and electricity costs. The distance of the separating wire can be adjusted at will to meet the needs of different products and reduce the loss of goods during sales.

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