Roller shelves with dividing wires

Feb 23 , 2024

The self-gravity slide rack relies on the weight of the product itself. When the goods in the front row are taken away, the goods in the back slide down to the front automatically with the help of rollers. As a high-tech product, the self-gravity slide rack is novel and unique.

Conveyor Sliding Shelf System

The use of roller shelves facilitates replenishment and allows the goods to always be displayed at the front. The popularity of self-gravity slides will be greatly accelerated in the future, and the market space is huge. Early use will benefit, and whoever uses it will benefit.

The penetration rate of roller shelf in foreign markets reaches 90%, but the penetration rate in the Chinese market is less than 3%. roller shelf produced abroad are costly and expensive. There are many size standards for freezers and shelves in China, so foreign related products The versatility in China is also poor, and it is not suitable for the local environment and cannot meet the needs of the domestic market.

Therefore, there are still many blank spots in the roller shelf market. Through research and development, we applied for a more versatile vending machine flow racks shelf and applied for a patent. Currently, the universal roller shelf has a universal version, a professional version and a customized version. In terms of market The response was overwhelming.

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