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Feb 18 , 2024

Traditional beverage freezer shelves do not have automatic sorting functions. When customers take away the goods in the front, the goods in the back row are fixed, which can easily lead to inconvenience and expiration, affecting the customer's shopping experience.

In response to the above display problems, Guangdong OFL took the lead in developing a patented automatic tallying device for beverage freezers - a roller shelf.

convenience store design shelves

This device is widely applicable and can be used on many flat shelves. The roller shelf automatically pushes the goods to the front. The dividing line can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the width of the goods so that the products are neatly arranged. When the first bottle of goods is taken away, the products behind it automatically slide Towards the front.

OFL auto front acrylic shelf comply with the trend of the times and increase the value of vertical beverage display freezers in convenience stores/commercial stands. Roller shelf is divided into two parts. One is the main board slide, and the other is the accessories of the roller shelf. It has an inclination angle, a stainless steel dividing line, and an acrylic front baffle. Once configured, the goods will always be neatly classified. The shelves are as full and neat as ever.

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