Roller shelf is the first choice for beverage display

May 17 , 2024

In the display of vertical cold drink freezers in convenience stores, how to put drinks in the front row automatically?
OFL fridge shelf sideways introduced to you can automatically tally goods and promote the neat display of goods. Many supermarket and convenience store owners use it to display cold drinks. It also easily realizes first-in, first-out and neat classification of goods.

Always front beverage shelf glides

OFL roller shelf are used for beverage tally

Vending machines track freezer is suitable for freezers and freezer shelves of any width and depth. The separator strips of the gravity slide are made of stainless steel, which does not fade and can be reused. Secondly, the front baffle of the slide is made of acrylic. It is made and can be customized with the customer's LOGO.

Roller shelf is a patented product with core advantages such as high-tech, energy saving and environmental protection. The balls patented by OFL roller shelf have low lubrication resistance, wear resistance, pressure resistance and other cost advantages.

Accessories cooler shelves

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