Freezer Gravity Slide Service Convenience Store

May 23 , 2024

Beverage freezers are one of the convenient and necessary equipments because of their good display effect, high turnover, and high requirements for tallying. OFL Freezer Gravity Slide serves supermarket and convenience store freezers.

supermarket shelves design

In promoting gravity slides, OFL takes the needs of users as the starting point and focuses on solving customers’ shopping experience. Once the gravity slide shelves were launched, OFL invited participants from all aspects of the industry to conduct repeated and demanding reviews. verification.

Freezer slides serve foreign chain convenience stores

Foreign supermarket shelves are generally equipped with roller shelf to allow customers to easily access products and reduce the occurrence of product expiration. On the way to better serve merchants, OFL roller shelf continue to optimize the design and improve customer satisfaction.

OFL Freezer Slides not only serve beverage freezers, but are also favored by many foreign chain convenience store customers. After selecting the freezer slides, all customers and customers praised the product and believed that this product has a very bright future. OFL Freezer Slide Equipment is becoming more and more popular. The more popular it becomes.

supports shelf vending shelf

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