Embedded beverage freezer gravity slide shelf

May 11 , 2024

The embedded gravity slide roller layer cargo system (also known as gravity slide) can solve the stubborn problems of expired goods and serious inventory backlog in supermarket display; it can realize first-in-first-out of goods, speed up the turnover rate of goods, and improve product quality. Reduce inventory buildup and merchandise loss.

As the pioneering brand of Refrigerator racking product shelf and the leading R&D and manufacturing manufacturer in the industry, OFL Gravity Slide is the industry leader in the research and development of automatic shelves.

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Supports shelf roller track has a variety of specifications and has launched a general version, a special version, and a special version according to customer budget and usage scenarios. Customized versions of various models of gravity slides.

Gravity slides are suitable for use in various types of commercial cold drink freezers, air curtain cabinets and shelf shelves. OFL gravity slides are customized according to the width and depth of the customer's on-site shelves and freezer shelves.

The most cost-effective ones include I-beam gravity slides and plastic slides. The ones with the highest market share are the same general-purpose aluminum alloy slides and customized self-slides. The customized version of the slide is divided into a lighted version and a customized brand LOGO version.

As the patented inventor of roller shelf, OFL specializes in solving the problem of cluttered product placement in convenience stores and providing merchants and customers with a more convenient way to access products.

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