Roller shelf brand OFL

Oct 27 , 2023

Freezer slides, also known as freezer automatic gravity slide shelves, are essential display props for supermarkets, shopping malls, convenience stores, and cold chain freezers. Freezer slides use the weight of the goods themselves and use the ball function to automatically slide the goods to the front. Tally promotes full merchandise display.

Refrigerator cooler shelf glides are convenient for replenishment. After the front row products are taken out, the automatic front row at the back keeps the products displayed at the front, making it easier for customers to take the goods. Roller shelf realizes automatic replenishment and is suitable for freezers of various sizes. .


Customized according to the width and depth of the freezer shelves: general version of roller shelf, special version of roller shelf, aluminum alloy version and plastic version are optional. It is suitable for a variety of commodity types and is widely usable, reducing the number of tallies, improving employee work efficiency and reducing labor.

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