OFL core product - Roller shelf

Nov 10 , 2023

OFL core product is roller shelf. Convenience flex beverage shelf is a kind of conveying device which makes the goods slide to the front automatically by using the function of the pulley by using the gravity of the goods themselves.

It is mainly used in display refrigerators and shelves, the main user groups including convenience stores, supermarkets, beverage and cold chain business, etc. 4 categories.

Suitable for quick turnover, high tally frequency of goods, especially in the refrigerator soft products mostly. Roller shelf has three versions: General, special and custom-made.

Many stores, in order to store a larger quantity and a wider variety of drinks at a time, often purchase a refrigerator with a relatively high shelf size. Such a setting often brings inconvenience to customers when choosing an inner-shelf beverage, and at the same time, it is also possible for the clerk to accidentally knock over a row of drinks while putting them on the shelves, causing unnecessary damage.

To solve this problem, many stores began to introduce roller shelf designed for placing drinks in high-rise refrigerators, which can identify changes in weight on their own, automatically push the drinks in the back to the front of the freezer compartment.

Sliding Shelf Roller Track

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