How convenience stores attract customers

Nov 24 , 2023

The most important thing that a convenience store can do to attract customers is: the merchandise, the price, the decoration

Whether the commodity is enough, whether the price is cheap enough, whether the decoration conforms to the customer esthetics, is can attract the customer the important factor which cares. We can not determine the price, but goods and decoration, we can effectively layout.

As the core product of OFL, aluminum alloy slides are suitable for supermarket shelves and beverage coolers. Acrylic front baffle can be customized according to customer needs LOGO, enhance the brands three-dimensional publicity effect.

Grocery store slide shelf only needs a little tilt angle, can let the drink slide to the front automatically, the separating wire can also adjust the width that the drink needs freely, let the drink slide more smoothly.

Refrigeration gavity roller shelf mainly used on the shelves of supermarkets for the convenience of customers. If the convenience store wants to attract customers better and provide customers with a good experience, it is essential to realize the automatic management of goods, keeping shelves full at all times is what makes convenience stores more appealing to customers.

Cooler Beverage Shelf

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