Tailor-made roller shelf are necessary

Oct 27 , 2023

Displaying products on shelves will always consume a lot of your energy. OFL roller shelf dividers are made of stainless steel. They are lightweight and can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the width of the product. They are essential display props for supermarket shelves, making your product display immediately visible. As soon as it lit up, customers came in droves to buy.


Roller shelf: The display effect is outstanding. Many supermarkets and convenience stores use it to display cold drinks, and it can also easily realize automatic sorting and neat classification of goods.

OFL roller shelf, also known as freezer slide automatic racking, uses aluminum alloy slides, integrated devices such as tilt angle bars, dividing lines, and front baffles. The installation inclination of the self-gravity slide depends on the size, weight and size of the container. The depth of the fluency rack is usually 3-7°.

To enhance the value of convenience stores, it is necessary to tailor reasonable configurations. Each product form can be fully applicable. With the driving force of OFL ball sliding, the products are automatically pushed to the front. The dividing line adjusts the width of the products so that each product Neatly arranged, the products at the rear will automatically slide to the front when the front end takes away the goods. The patented tilt angle of Fridge shelves slide allows the merchandise to be displayed neatly and sorted, and displayed in the most convenient position for customers to see.

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