Learn About OFL Supermarket Roller Shelf

Feb 10 , 2022
New year starts again

How much do you know about OFL products last year?

OFL has three roller shelf:

The first type: Universal version of supermarket vending machine shelf

Rack For Shop Roller Track

The general version of the self-weight slide is divided into aluminum alloy self-weight slide and plastic gravity feed roller shelf.

Auto-Front Roller Shelf For Vending Machine

The aluminum alloy slideway has the largest sales volume in the market and has the widest distribution of customers, such as supermarket shelves, drugstore shelves, and display shelves.

The cost of plastic slides is low, but the production cycle is the longest, and it can only be used for refrigerators.

The second: special version of the beverage shelf glides

Auto Front Sliding Shelves

The price of the special version is lower, and the sliding distance is set at the factory. It is suitable for most beverage displays, and is suitable for various large bottles of beverages. There are also aluminum alloy and plastic freezer shelf dividers.

The third type: standard double slide

PC Beverage Roller Shelf

The standard double slide is composed of two single slides, with its own high-gloss, customized acrylic logo, suitable for placement of cans, vials, etc., and has an appearance that is enough to attract customers' attention.
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