Advantages Of OFL Supermarket Roller Shelf

Feb 16 , 2022

As the main product of  can Automatically Gravity Smart Shelf the product to the front with only one tilt angle,which not only provides customers with shopping convenience, but also saves a lot of time.Auto-Front Sliding Shelf can bring many unexpected effects to our store.

Acrylic Front Freezer Rack

1. Sales growth: continuous neat and full display to stimulate consumers to buy.

2. Save manpower: automatically sort out the goods without manual tally.

3. Reduce damage: the goods slide forward by their own weight, follow the first-in first-out basis, and reduce the probability of expiration.

4. Brand promotion: The products are neat and orderly, allowing consumers to add points to the brand's image.

5. Strong applicability: The divider can adjust the spacing according to the goods, and the goods of different sizes can be used.

Spring Loaded Display Sliding Shelf

OFL Supermarkret Sliding Roller Shelf are suitable for various supermarkets and stores. The products are simple and easy to pick up, the brand image is full, and the delivery efficiency is high.
It can solve problems such as clutter of goods.

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