Supermarket roller shelf in grid racks

Jan 12 , 2022
As one of the necessary accessories in the freezer, the mesh shelf can provide the display of drinks, dairy products and beer; and our Products Drink Rack can be embedded, and the shelves with dividers can use our special slides . Neat appearance, the goods automatically slide to the front so that the cargo freezer is always in a full state.

 Refrigerator Shelf Vending Machine

The patented angle of Refrigerator Fridge Shelf is 3-5 degrees. During installation, the freezer can use the freezer trailing arm to adjust the angle of the shelf; the shelf needs a support frame to adjust the angle of the slideway, and the goods automatically slide to the front so that the freezer is always full of goods. state.

Acrylic Smart Shelf Glides

Currently OFL Plastic Cooler Shelf Glides are available in black and grey. Most of the customers choose black, which is mainly used  in freezer shelves; while gray is more high-end, and customers are mainly concentrated on supermarket shelves, such as food, pharmacy, cosmetics, and carton packaging products. Colors can be selected according to your own needs before placing an order.
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