Gravity Roller Shelf On Shelves

Mar 11 , 2022

I don’t know if you have noticed the Beverage Sliding Shelf on the supermarket shelves or in the freezer when you go to the supermarket or convenience store.

The neatly arranged slides allow people to choose the items they want more intuitively, and it is also convenient for the drinks to slide to the front when taking them.

As OFL  Rack For Shop Freezer Shelf, there are two colors: black and gray. Among them, most customers choose black, which is mainly used in freezer shelves. And our gray is mainly for export, mainly used in food racks, pharmacies, cosmetics, carton packaging products display.

Auto-front bottle shelf glides

So how does the roller shelf slide?

The Convenient Roller Tack uses the gravity of the goods to automatically complete the transportation of the goods to the front end with the help of balls, so it is necessary to slide freely on the display platform inclined at a certain angle. Therefore, only by adjusting the shelf to a suitable inclination angle can the advantages of the automatic tally of the self-weight chute be brought into play.

PC Vending Machine Shelf

If your freezer shelf is not a double shelf, then you need to purchase an acrylic front baffle to prevent the goods from falling.

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