Origin Of Roller Shelf

Mar 16 , 2022

"As an external symbol of human progress, technology usually refers to the sum of the methods, skills and means of transforming nature that humans have gradually accumulated in the process of interacting with nature in order to meet their own needs. "by Zou Guangwen.

As one of the achievements of technological development,Acrylic Gravity Feed Roller Shelf originated from the use of vending machines. As a convenient existence, vending machines exist on the streets, in supermarkets or in parks. The automated features of vending machines are convenient and reduce unnecessary contact. Thus,roller shelf was born.

Auto-Front Roller Shelf For Store

what is it?

Roller shelf is an industrial intermediate product of the transmission category, which is mainly used for the display and display of goods on the freezer, air curtain cabinet and shelf in convenience stores and supermarkets. For the commodities displayed on the Metal Roller Shelf for Supermarket , after the commodities in the front row are taken out, the commodities are automatically transported to the front row from the inside to the outside by their own weight, and the commodities in the front row are always displayed.

PS Bottle Shelf System

what's the effect?

Freezer Shelf Dividers For Supermarket uses the product's own gravity as the power to automatically complete the sliding of the beverage and realize the automatic tally without connecting any power drive device. The principle is to use the rolling friction of the balls. The shelf or freezer shelf must be adjusted to be inclined, and the inclination angle is 3-5 degrees. Helping the new trend of retail stores, saving time and effort for merchants.

Liquor Shelf Glides For Convenience

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