Convenience Store Roller Shelf

Mar 04 , 2022

In reality, people have begun to embark on the road of intelligence in all aspects of life. It has to be said that convenience stores are also affected by it in the process of opening.

There are many cooperative customers of OFL Refrigerator Roller Shelf Supermarket, such as: 7-11, FamilyMart, Lawson, etc. These stores are closer to life.

Shelf Pusher And Divider

In the store, you can pay attention to the appearance of Bottle Shelf Machine on many freezers or shelves, because for cold drink freezers, long-term sorting, the loss of electricity is great, but the use of shelf pusher, just It can well avoid the recurrence of such common problems.

Spring Loading Shelf Glides

There is a lot of market space for display shelf. For example, in the Winter Olympics held in China this time, our Products Shelf Pusher were used in restaurants.

Plactis Roller Shelf Pusher

The roller shelves can bring you a lot of unexpected effects, especially in the current severe epidemic period, it can reduce a lot of unnecessary contact, and the performance of the slide can also make convenience stores more convenient and beautiful in appearance .

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