Ambition "farmer"

Dec 16 , 2021
Before the emergence of the vitality forest, the companies that invested in the freezer only linked the freezer to the sales, thinking that this was a good way for enterprises to grab the terminal and grab the sales.

At the beginning of 2021, Yuanqi Forest set a goal of 100,000 freezers. With the support of these freezers, the market value of Yuanqi Forest has been directly increased to about 100 billion yuan, and the sales target has increased from 2.5 billion to 7.5 billion. Tripled.

The performance of Coca-Cola, the leader in cooperation with OFL, is too eye-catching. The configuration of the store shelf sliding in the commercial freezer shelf has become the standard equipment of more and more beverage manufacturers.

Like many passers-by, the Coca-Cola Freezer is the first, and the Nongfu Spring Freezer is the second. In the market, the salesperson of Yuanqi Forest also said that our goal is to surpass Master Kong's freezer in the terminal and enter the top three. The actual situation is that Coca-Cola has 1.29 million freezers across the country, 768,000 Master Kong freezers, and about 650,000 Nongfu Spring freezers. Uni-President has the least, nearly 400,000. It is said that Yuanqi Forest added the number of freezers in the later period, with 180,000 units.

At present, Nongfu Spring’s 2 billion is only the purchase amount. It is estimated that it will be around 100,000 to 150,000 units. Now more than 30,000 units have been ordered, and Guangdong Province alone has allocated 10,000 units. The future will mainly depend on the production capacity of freezer manufacturers. If the manufacturer produces fast, the cost will increase. It is not impossible to reach 3 billion.

However, considering the unfriendly past of the two parties in 2021, Nongfu Spring requires its distributors not to represent Yuanqi Forest, and Yuanqi Forest does not allow the first floor of its freezer to be used to display Nongfu Spring. Judging from the fact that 50% of Nongfu’s space displays the Yuanqi Forest The possibility is not great.

And, just as Nongfu Spring was promoting milk tea, Yuanqi Forest asked distributors to make a round of promotion of fresh milk tea at the terminal. Next year, the mineralized natural soft mineral water of Yuanqi Forest will also be fully available on the market. The competition between the two sides is no longer a collision of sparkling water, but a more comprehensive encounter on a narrow road.

convenience shelf management system

In the past two years, many of the terminals and unmanned vending machines invested by Nongfu Spring have been lost, but the changes in consumers' consumption habits brought about by them are also tangible. For example, many people have become accustomed to using the Nongfu Spring vending machine in the garage, and have developed the habit of driving to prepare Nongfu Spring; now, Nongfu Spring has changed the name of the vending machine project to "Sesame Store".

Nongfu Spring’s financial report disclosed that through its own business and distributors, Nongfu Spring can cover around 2.43 million outlets (not all of which are owned by its own business), which is still a certain distance from Master Kong’s 4 million outlets.

Nongfu Spring’s sesame shop project is also a marketable point in the future. For this reason, Mr. Zhong has been working hard to explore the sales model of Sesame Store. The four-door freezer this time may be able to find new "inspiration" for Sesame Store. After all, the freezer is a small shelf.

In the foreseeable future, more and more beverage brands will make great efforts to put in the freezer at the terminal. OFL supermarket gravity shelf has been deeply cultivated in the commercial vertical beverage freezer net shelf automatic tally for more than ten years, and has witnessed more and more beverages. Businesses invest in freezers to achieve leapfrog development.

Auto-feed beverage display shelf

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