Terminal freezer intensive tillage

Dec 09 , 2021
There is a saying in the beverage industry, the end freezers get the market.This year, suddenly the vitality forest killed the Nongfu Spring market, the competition is more and more interesting.Nongfu Spring for itself or to fight, Nongfu Spring will spend a large price on the "freezer".

This year's Nongfu Spring, also did not stop in this off-season, first resurrected the "dozen milk tea" brand, which has disappeared for seven years, and launched hot drinking cabinets.After a meeting, the boss Zhong is offering a big kill: spend 2 billion, to push in the terminal 4 door (also 3 door) freezer —— this is to upgrade the current terminal.

Freezer shelf retail

Those who understand Nongfu Spring sales strategy know the fee principle of 8 points, and their freezers are additional support and do not occupy the dealer's terminal fees.

So, why does Nongfu Spring knock with the freezer?

In the beverage world, throwing freezers is usually divided into two categories.One is the supporters, to invest in freezers, to seize the terminal territory.For example,OFL has cooperated with customers Coca-Cola, Master Kong, Nongfu Spring, unified, recently, a new vitality forest; the other is no freezer pie, think to shop other brands of freezers, they are less freezers or simply not, such as Red Bull, Danone, JDB, Vita milk, Nestle, etc.

First of all, we need to make it clear that the sales increase brought by freezers is believing.In the peak season, even in the northeast, frozen drinks sell at least seven-eight times that of drinks at room temperature.If Guangdong would be, the gap would have been bigger.A more specific figure is that a company's sales increased by 3 billion yuan in 2021, which is quite related to the release of 200,000 freezers in the past two years.

Secondly, the freezer can basically ensure that the whole brand of the whole series of enterprise products, which can give consumers a more comprehensive understanding of what the company's products have. The freezer can not only row noodles at the terminal, but also another form of advertising.Basically, the freezer investment enterprises also have the stronger voice in the terminal.why?Because, to give the store owner extra display costs and electricity charges.

Freezers are a completely negative asset for enterprises.Generally, the terminal freezer can be depreciated for five years, is rare, usually about four years to change new.A freezer is 4,000 yuan, an annual depreciation of 800 yuan, 100,000 units, 80 million depreciation fee in, this has to be a good storage freezer, not good storage, the annual loss is not a few.

Some people may say that enterprises will not charge the dealer deposit, dealers collect the terminal deposit.You know, now into the freezer is also rolled badly, generally, a freezer collection terminal deposit of 500 yuan-2000 yuan varies, far lower than the value of the freezer itself.

In addition, whether the freezer can ensure the display standard required by the company, it is a big problem.According to the company's display standards, basically few stores can meet the standards.Why is it not up to standard, because they all use the traditional refrigerator grid frame, customers take out the goods, the product behind the grain does not stand there. If the freight keeper does not keep up, it is difficult to manage the goods, the display is common.

custom shelf beverage cooler

Therefore, when you see why the delicious freezer takes the goods, the goods are still neatly arranged in the front row, because they all choose a low freezer roller slide shelf with high tilt. In China, it can be said that where there are Coca-Cola freezer, there are shelf drink bottle rollers to provide service.

Usually, in cities with more freezers, companies naturally develop high performance growth.But you don't know whether they are high targets because of many freezers or high targets.For example, the "consequences" of Nongfu Spring's four-door freezers is that its sales target will increase by about 25% next year.

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