Looking Forward to 2022 | Eight Trends in Food and Beverage

Dec 23 , 2021

OFL supermarket product drink shelf learned today from American natural food KeHE that the top ten food and beverage hot topics in 2022 will be based on product innovation, consumer buying trends and industry changes.

Culinary adventure: the rise of Mediterranean and African flavors

Although consumers find comfort in traditional and familiar tastes, unexpected and unique tastes are attracting more consumers. Over the past year, with the relaxation of restaurant restrictions and consumers seeking to explore cultural diversity, now is a good time for brands to share cuisines from all over the world. Although Mexican, Italian, and Chinese cuisines are the most popular international cuisines, younger generations such as Gen Z (those born after 1997) are beginning to consume African and Mediterranean cuisines in large numbers, and narrow the gap between mainstream and emerging international cuisines. gap.

Sparkling CBD functional sparkling water

As consumers want to travel the world through food, grapefruit, hibiscus, ube (a Filipino dessert made from cooked purple potato mash), cucumber yogurt sauce, a sauce from Greece, etc. are newer The popular flavors are gaining popularity.


Convenience continues: more innovations in pre-made dishes

The epidemic restricts consumers from staying at home, which has a long-term impact on the eating habits of some consumers. Among American consumers who use convenience food for cooking and choose takeout more frequently due to the epidemic, 53% plan to continue these habits. Therefore, they are looking for time-saving and convenient products and take-away snacks.

Display Shelf Smart Roller

OFL gravity roller shelf is born for convenience

Plastic flex roller make the shopping experience better, make it more convenient and worry-free, and the shelf display is also more technological.

Food Technology Boom: Increased Variety of Plant Meat and Sugar Substitutes

In recent years, global consumers' demand for plant-based meat and sugar substitutes has continued to increase. Experts predict that the number of new plant-based alternative products such as ready-to-eat meat and egg substitutes will continue to increase in 2022. In the field of sugar substitutes, the demand for allulose continues to increase, as well as exploring more black technologies to reduce sugar.

Cambya sweetener

Food technology company BT Sweet recently launched Cambya sweetener, a plant-based one-to-one ready-to-use sugar substitute. Cambya sweetener is designed to reduce sugar in various food and beverage applications without affecting the flavor and other sensory qualities. According to the company, it does not require a masking agent to provide the best sweetness without leaving any aftertaste.

Get grainy: more fresh grains and seeds

As one of the healthiest grains on the planet, combined with the advantages of health and economic benefits, oats are one of the best-performing plant-based raw materials. Over the past few years, oat milk has become more and more popular, and consumers have begun to look for oats as alternative ingredients in other categories, including frozen desserts, cheese, butter, spreads, and oat protein.

Bright Barley Plant Milk

While consumers are crazy about oats, other innovative cereal products have entered the market. KeHE experts predict that barley, hemp, pistachio and buckwheat will become the focus of future grain and seed substitutes.

Discover the new functions of common ingredients: mushroom ingredients continue to attract attention

Macroeconomic issues such as inflation, rising food prices, and supply chain shortages have triggered changes in consumer behavior, and they hope to get the most from food and beverages. One of the methods is to expand the functional attributes of common daily food ingredients. Among them, as a common ingredient, mushrooms have become a new generation of Internet celebrity functional raw materials after turmeric, CBD, and Ashwagandha in European and American markets by virtue of their excellent performance in immunity, brain health, adaptogens, etc., and they have begun to become foreign Common raw materials in new food, beverage and dietary supplement products continue to be popular as a functional ingredient, entering the beverage, coffee, creamer and snack categories.

REBBL plant cold brew coffee series

Non-alcoholic beverages: stay awake and continue to sell

According to survey data, 31% of adults over the age of 22 drank less than once a month or did not drink alcohol at all in the past three months. One of the driving forces of this trend is Generation Z. 24% of people said that due to health reasons, they do not drink often or not at all when eating out. A variety of non-alcoholic beer, spirits, and new wines are constantly emerging on the market. While following the traditional alcohol production process, the alcohol is removed and the original taste is retained.

Ritual Zero Proof Zero Alcohol Rum

Ritual Zero Proof zero alcohol rum simulates the complex flavor, aroma and taste of rum, which can be substituted one by one, with zero alcohol and zero calories. The bottle is made of 60% recycled materials, and the bottle cap is entirely made of sugar cane.

Suntory non-alcoholic weight loss beer

Flexible vegetarian food and low-carbon water: a new direction for personalization

Consumers are seeking to be more proactive in maintaining their health while maintaining flexibility in their diets. This has prompted some consumers who pursue fashionable eating habits (vegetarian, ketogenic) to begin to personalize their diets according to their personal needs.

According to a survey, 36% of consumers prefer mixed foods of plant and animal origin, 22% of consumers prefer foods of complete animal origin, and 23% of consumers prefer foods of complete plant origin. Among the plant-based product consumers, 55% of consumers are free-eaters, and the other 45% are flexible vegetarians and vegans and people with restricted allergy. Therefore, most plant-based consumers will also consume at the same time. Animal-derived foods, therefore, the combination of plant protein and animal protein can achieve a balance between taste and nutrition, and is better recognized by consumers.

Live Real Farms drinks

A new brand developed by Dairy Farmers of the United States. The company combines 50% milk with 50% oats, almonds and other plant-based raw materials to make a variety of flavored mixed drinks, each providing 5 grams of protein. The calories range from 70 to 140 calories.


Beverage display trend: use plastic roller track

In foreign countries, it is very common to use self-weight slides to display beverages and food. It can be said that it is as high as 95%. In China, it is still in its infancy. Some of the big names such as Coca-Cola, COFCO, Nongfu Spring, Master Kong, etc. It has been the first to introduce self-weight slides in display freezers and shelves to realize automatic tally.

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