unmanned vending machine

Oct 17 , 2022

Refrigerator Roller Track

In the current consumer market, consumers can buy beverages at RMB 1.8, and most of them are expiring products. The form of "imminent food + unmanned cargo machine" can not only bring lower prices to consumers, but also help businesses reduce labor costs.

The unmanned vending machine provides a lot of convenience for modern fast-paced life. It adopts an automatic function. When a consumer puts a coin in, the drink will automatically roll down for the customer to pick it up. This method saves a lot of manpower and material resources.

The automation of unmanned vending machines can be reminiscent of the Acrylic Gravity Roller Shelf in various supermarkets and convenience stores today, which can automatically transport products forward, making it convenient for staff to replenish and consumers to pick up.

The latest beverage blind box drone allows consumers to choose the blind box beverages at the price they want through different price points. "Each machine can hold 300 bottles of beverages, and 100 bottles of beverages at various price points." A person in charge statistics. It can be seen that under the rising labor costs, the manpower saved by unmanned vending machines still has advantages.

The survival problem of unmanned vending machines faces huge challenges, mainly from convenience stores on the roadside, because convenience stores have certain advantages in price and convenience.

Unmanned vending machines save labor costs, but the cost of goods Costs such as transportation and maintenance of machines need to be further reduced in order to be profitable.

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