Smart containers move to the front

Oct 20 , 2022

In the summer of 2017, unmanned retail once detonated the domestic retail industry. Whether it is Internet giants, traditional retail companies or entrepreneurs, they have joined the track. But soon after, the entire industry went silent for a variety of reasons.

But with the surge in "contactless" demand, unmanned retail is picking up now. What is different from before is that behind the unmanned retail boom, technology has achieved iteration and innovation, and consumers' consumption habits have gradually developed under the catalysis of various factors.

Equipment Roller Shelf Systems

Wen Zhihong said that on the one hand, the promotion of "contactless" consumption in recent years has brought new opportunities for the development of unmanned vending machines; on the other hand, unmanned vending machines themselves are a relatively mature business model. Unmanned convenience stores and unmanned shelves have more flexible locations, and sell some instant fast-moving consumer products, which is very convenient.

The main convenience of unmanned vending machines is "contactless", which is convenient for consumers to scan the code to pick up the goods at any time. The performance adopted by the unmanned vending machine is the automatic propulsion performance. Replenishing from the rear, the beverage will automatically slide to the front, making it easy for consumers to take it. This is very similar to the performance of the Retail Bottle Roller Racks, which is a A propulsion system that can act on shelves and freezers, which can facilitate staff replenishment and facilitate consumer pickup.

The existence of unmanned vending machines is convenient for many people, but there are also many restrictions, such as the loss of many low-frequency consumption products. Because if you want to maximize revenue, you must meet consumers in different locations through unmanned vending machines in different locations.

Therefore, although smart containers are very popular at present, they have also gained a lot of restrictions.

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