The future of convenience stores is a smoother consumer experience

May 29 , 2023

Michael Davis, vice president of the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS), shared the latest insights from industry leaders on the industry from the perspective of the global radar.

and best practices in industry development. According to reports, there are 150,000 branded convenience stores in the U.S. convenience store industry, and the sales volume of the convenience store industry reaches 1 trillion US dollars. 60% of sales come from convenience stores, and 40% come from fuel.

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Convenience is always about time, he said.

Such as providing customer self-service, direct payment, online ordering and payment, self-service cash register system, etc. It can save customers a lot of queuing time.

At present, for convenience stores, consumers' daily lunch is an important contact point with convenience stores. Therefore, during this period of time, convenience stores should grasp the preferences of consumers.

The purpose of OFL is to create for convenience, and Vending Machine Drink Shelf is also developed for convenience. Convenience stores will bring us many new breakthroughs and innovations in the future, so please wait patiently.

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