General promotion of overseas unmanned retail

Jun 07 , 2023

Freezer Stock Rack

Overseas company Trigo provides customers with a senseless shopping experience and has developed many solutions for store automation technology.

Among them, automatic checkout technology, automatic inventory management technology, etc. Trigo is about to launch a special supermarket management system "StoreOS", which integrates automatic checkout technology with a series of analysis and marketing tools to help merchants track inventory in real time and maximize Reduce in-store stock-outs and product expirations.

Whether it is in a supermarket or a convenience store, the automation system is very convenient for customers. The cost will increase accordingly when the flow of people is huge. However, with automation equipment, a lot of time wasted on management can be avoided.

As a product of "born for convenience", OFL Automatic Shelf save a lot of time in shelf arrangement, and can automatically slide products forward to always keep them at the forefront.

Small Chiller Shelf

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