Take everyone to visit: Sinopec Yijie convenience store cold drink freezer

Mar 03 , 2022

OFL Roller Shelf Divider customer: Sinopec Yijie Sales Co., Ltd.

Relying on the marketing network of 30,000 gas stations and 28,000 convenience stores nationwide.

Sinopec oil station

EasyJet's convenience store network is No.1 in China. Based on continuous exploration in the automobile service business, it continues to build retail terminals, explores and develops comprehensive services such as maintenance, agricultural specialties, and business travel. It has obvious leading advantages.

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Cold drink freezer with Supermarket Plastic Roller Shelf in EasyJoy convenience store


As a strategic partner of Sinopec, Guangdong Oufulong Automatic Shelf Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the Retail Shelf Divider service of beverage freezer shelves in "Easy Jie Convenience Store". The noodles are always in a full state, serving our customers to make the shopping experience better!

Roller Shelf Management System

Cooler Drink Display Shelf have become standard props for freezer shelves in convenience stores, and Ofulon has become the industry benchmark brand for Roller Shelf.

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