Coca-Cola unveils Starlight 'space-flavored Coke'

Mar 10 , 2022

In late February, The Coca-Cola Company released its first limited product "Coca-Cola Starlight". And simultaneously launched the global creative platform "Coca-Cola Creations" behind it.

Coca-Cola launches "Star Walk" space-flavored Coke

Coca-Cola's roller shelf supplier, OFL, has learned that "Star River Walk" has been released for a limited time in North America on February 21, 2022. China, as one of the key markets of "Xinghe Walk", is expected to officially start limited sales in March 2022, and consumers can purchase it in large supermarkets, convenience stores and e-commerce platforms.

At the press conference, Oana Vlad, senior director of global strategy of The Coca-Cola Company, said that in order to resonate with Chinese consumers, the "Star River Walk" product plans to launch a series of creative experiences in the Chinese market, including cross-border cooperation with brands such as Bubble Mart, E-commerce channels sell high-end special edition products, and may also involve cooperation in the cosmetics and fashion industries.
As a classic brand that has been popular in the market for more than a century, what are the characteristics of the "Starry Walk" series products launched by Coca-Cola? What new expectations are there for the first launch of the "Le Creation Unbounded" platform? Next, Guangdong Ou Fulong Automatic Shelf Technology Co., Ltd. will take you to find out.


What does space-flavored Coke look like?

When Coca-Cola previewed the online conference, it announced that the brand's first space-inspired "Starlight Walk" is about to "come to earth" (Coca-Cola starlight is coming to earth).

Teaser poster for Coca-Cola's online launch

At the same time, OFL roller shelf noticed that the products of "Galaxy Walk" are all "space flavored".

However, what is the connection between "Star Walk" and space? At the press conference, the story behind the launch of Coca-Cola's new products. Coca-Cola partnered with NASA 35 years ago and was one of the few first beverage brands to go into space, said Oana Vlad, senior director of global strategy at The Coca-Cola Company. At the press conference, Coca-Cola also displayed "relevant physical evidence", including the Coca-Cola launch dispenser used by the space shuttle Endeavour during space missions, and the Coca-Cola space cans tested by astronauts on the space shuttle Challenger.

Vlad said she thinks Coca-Cola is a timeless and trendy brand. There's no better way than to "pay homage to the past, and thus to the future."


"Star River Walk" product packaging

In addition to historical factors, Coca-Cola also believes that the "space theme" itself "brings its own traffic". In the film, music, game and fashion industries, space theme elements are very popular. Coca-Cola hopes to resonate with consumers by applying the space theme.

On the product packaging of "Xinghe Walk", there are some elements from "outer space", including gradient purple red, star hollow embellishment, etc. Coca-Cola said at the press conference that stars can bring light, and many stars form a beautiful starry sky, from which the brand got inspiration for packaging. I searched the Internet for information about "Xinghe Walk" products, and found that there are four products in total, with differences in specifications, product sweetness and packaging.

Four products of "Star River Walk"

Among them, there are two kinds of packaging specifications for "Xinghe Walk", which are bottled and canned. The current published can size is 7.5 oz (222mL).

In terms of product sweetness, it is also divided into two versions: Original sugar and Zero sugar. Among them, the Coca-Cola logo of the sugar-containing version is white, while the 0-sugar version of the Coca-Cola logo is black. Ou Fulong compared the nutritional content of the sugar-sweetened version and the 0-sugar version. One can (222mL) of the sugar-sweetened version of "Star Walk" contains 90 calories and 24 grams of added sugar, while the 0-sugar version is one can (222mL). 35 calories and no added sugar. [1]

In addition, we also searched for the ingredient list of the sugar-sweetened version of "Star Walk". The main ingredients include: carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, natural flavors, fruit and vegetable juice coloring, caramel coloring, caffeine. Each can (222mL) of the product contains 21mg of caffeine.

These formula ingredients make up the "space flavor" of "Star Walk". Coca-Cola said at the press conference that it hopes that this space-flavored cola can bring consumers a cooling sensation and cooler experiences.

Where to buy "Star Walk"?

Coca-Cola also regards China as one of the key markets for "Wandering the Stars". When revealing the release country and region of "Star Walk", the spokesperson specifically mentioned that it will be released in China in the Asian market. In March 2022, Chinese consumers will be able to purchase in large supermarkets, convenience stores and e-commerce platforms. Most of the domestic supermarkets and chain convenience stores that OFL cooperates with have Coca-Cola freezers, which can be purchased on demand, which is very convenient.

In the shelf in the Coca-Cola freezer,OFL first introduced "a roller-type self-weight chute conveyor". When the front row of goods is taken out, the goods in the back row are automatically rowed forward, so that the row surface is always full. Goods status, serve our customers to make the shopping experience better!

In addition to the AR concert by scanning cans, Chinese consumers can also experience some special.

Events. High-end special-edition packaging and products of "Xinghe Walk" can be purchased through e-commerce channels. In addition, in China, Coca-Cola's "Wandering Galaxy" will also conduct cross-border cooperation with IPs from different trend circles, such as the Bubble Mart brand. In addition, the brand will cooperate with Judy Doll Cosmetics and expand its fashion-oriented activities.

It is reported that the follow-up "Le Chuang Wujie" platform will launch more limited products one after another. Coca-Cola hopes to bring surprises to its target generation consumers that match their aesthetics and resonate with them emotionally.

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