Supermarket shelf display techniques

Nov 29 , 2023

Shelves should be classified according to product categories, and products of similar categories should be placed on adjacent shelves to make it easier for customers to find them.

The application scenarios of refrigerator shelf fridgeare very wide. For example, roller shelf can be used in supermarket shelves, beverage freezers, convenience store displays, sales showcases, and unmanned retail stores.

Convenience acrylic Display shelf is also very suitable for the placement of products, making it more convenient for customers to select products and keeping the shelves neat and beautiful at all times.

In order to ensure a smooth slide effect, roller shelf require simple daily maintenance. Just like ordinary shelves, just wipe them with a soft cloth and leave them at intervals of one to two months. If there is dust or liquid leakage, wipe it up immediately. If necessary, remove the beads from the slide main board and replace them.

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