Arrangement of supermarket shelves

Nov 30 , 2023

Today, as the competition in the retail industry becomes more and more fierce, all methods are used to the maximum extent, and stores use various means to decorate the atmosphere to promote sales. Product display has become one of the important assessment indicators for the quality of retailers.

1. Reasonable color matching: In addition to some objective factors such as price, variety, cost-effectiveness, etc., the subjective impact of color on people cannot be ignored.

2. Neatly arranged supermarket shelves: Neatly arranged goods on the shelves can not only provide customers with a neat and beautiful feeling, but also ensure that customers have a smooth path when visiting the supermarket.


3. Convenient access to goods: Even if the display is beautiful and grand, if it is inconvenient for customers to take it, or it is extremely troublesome to put it back, then the beautiful display will not be able to promote sales.

4. Relevance of products: For example, drinks and wine, nut snacks and biscuits, etc. The combination of products will give customers a more novel experience.

Not only the placement of the shelves, but also the placement of the goods on the shelves should be so that customers can easily access them. Flex shelf roller can meet this condition, making the shelves more tidy and beautiful, and allowing customers to better choose what they need. commodity.

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