Some details of Japanese convenience stores

Mar 10 , 2023

There are three major convenience stores in Japan: 7-11, Family Mart, and Lawson.

Their business philosophy is very similar, they are all combined with community life.

Looking at Japanese convenience stores from the perspective of details, we can find a lot to learn.

1. Customer umbrella rack placed at the door. And red and yellow to remind the ground is slippery.

Auto Feed Fridge Shelf

2. Alumiumn Bottle Roller Shelf are placed in the refrigerators, which are displayed at an angle, and the large-capacity refilling cabinets are used to keep them cold all the time.

Magnetic Beverage Shelf

3. The display of alcoholic beverages in the refrigerated cabinet reminds them not to sell them to minors.

Spring Loaded Sliding Shelves

4. There is a garbage can mouth under the self-service hot water counter, and a free tape machine is provided for customers to pack.

Adjustable Vending Machine

5. There are often portable shopping baskets on both sides of the shelf, and a shopping basket base, which is convenient for customers to pick and place.

Merchandising Smart Shelf

Convenience store layout design and display props design also need to start from the details, which is conducive to customer experience and business services.

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