Display knowledge of branded convenience stores

Mar 24 , 2023

The standards of domestic first-tier chain convenience store brands in building stores also basically represent a trend of the domestic convenience store industry.

7-11 adopts roller shelves with LED version in many areas, and the shelf display presents a three-dimensional effect.

Equipment Bottle Shelf

The IKEA Convenience Store has become the largest franchise chain convenience store in China, and is the first to be equipped with Wire Drink Shelf Slide. Convenience stores facilitate pre-replenishment, automatically organize rankings, reduce labor, save energy and increase sales significantly.   

 supermarket fridge shelf freezer

Other convenience store freezers use special roller shelf for displaying beverage freezers, which have better visual effects, pre-replenishment, and automatic tallying.

 promotion shelf container

Many stores, as old-fashioned convenience stores, pay extra attention to the decoration style, and choose suitable roller shelf shelves to make the brand more distinctive.

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