Small details of roller shelf in the physical store

Oct 12 , 2023

To improve the competitiveness of physical stores and give customers a reason to shop in the store, you can start with the small details of the store layout.

Retail shelf dividers is aimed at the current situation where the top products of traditional freezers and display racks are relatively high and difficult to access, and the bottom layer can be easily accessed by bending down.

Spring loaded displays shelf uses the gravity of the product and the pulley function to automatically slide the product to the front, so that customers can easily take what they want.

The desired drinks allow consumers to feel the merchants’ intentions, and the introduction of self-respecting slides also strengthens the experience function of physical stores, which is not available in e-commerce.

adjustable shelf dividers

Comparative advantages of roller shelf

1. It can keep the goods neatly placed in a fixed position and determine the display angle of the fixed goods, so that the customers will not let the goods fall over when taking them.

2. Efficiently cycle product sales, reduce product loss, and make product circulation more convenient and faster.

3. First in, first out, ensure the layout is neat and beautiful, guide customers to change their shopping orientation, and increase sales.

spring loaded retail displays

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