Retail Industry | Traditional shelves vs Roller shelf

Nov 25 , 2021

From the overall data of the retail industry, these non-standard traditional channels are the basic market for China's beverage sales. According to Frost & Sullivan data, the traditional channels of China's soft drink industry accounted for 44.05% in 2019, while modern channels (supermarkets, chain convenience stores), catering channels, e-commerce channels and other channels only accounted for 22.33%, 14.31%, 6.14%, 13.16%. The proportion of traditional non-standard channels will be more prominent in the sales management of specific companies. For example, according to the data of Nongfu Spring’s prospectus, more than 70% of its sales in the past four years rely on the operation and management of traditional channels. Traditional non-standard channels It is the main battlefield for the decisive victory of the Drink War.

Commercial Shelf Bottle

Judging from the current background of industrial intelligence, the entry point for efficiency competition in non-standard channels represented by traditional retail stores may lie in the upgrade and iteration of smart freezers. Driven by the current consumption upgrade, iced drinks and cold drinks have become a must for terminal retail. Freezers, as a relatively standardized enclosed space, are also more suitable for the first intelligent and automated transformation. However, in the freezer operation model of traditional non-standard channels, beverage brands often face many pain points:

The first is that the tally labor cost is high and inefficient. A large number of beverage brands are distribution terminal channel shelves/freezers. With the support of the huge ground sales team, the goods are finally put into the freezer, but because the store tally cannot keep up, the drinks displayed in the freezer are skewed; even if they keep up Tally will increase a lot of manpower expenditure, and the on-site results are often unsatisfactory, which will inevitably lead to terminal sales in the freezer management link.

Supermarket Store Shelf Divider

The traditional freezer net shelf is difficult to meet the shopping needs of customers. In response to the common inefficiency problem of traditional beverage freezers, customers can’t reach the drinks on the back of the traditional freezer nets, which directly leads to the loss of customers. It is imperative to expand the slideway of the automatic tally freezer. The traditional net shelf is equipped with OFL Drink Rolling Shelf, and the front low and high tilt angles are added. The beverage can be taken out of the front row and the rear automatically slides forward .

The shopping experience of the automatic tally freezer slide has increased sharply. I believe that all the old customers who buy beverages from the Coca-Cola freezer know that the moment the goods are picked up, the products in the back will automatically slide to the front, that's right! Here comes the slide in front of the automatic drink-assisted row-Alfron. Coca-Cola standardized and standardized its supermarket botter beverage shelf into all commercial vertical beverage freezer shelves more than ten years ago.

 Frame Roller Track Shelf

According to reports from the retail consulting industry, there are nearly 6.8 million traditional convenience stores in China, with overall annual sales of up to 10 trillion yuan, accounting for about 40% of retail shipments. 6.8 million is still a growing number. The transformation of the freezer in non-standard stores will obviously be the general trend of the transformation and development of the retail industry. Looking back many years later, the popularization of smart freezer with self-weight slide may be just a starting point.

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