Beverage smoke four | for 6.8 million convenience stores campaign will start in the "freezer"?

Nov 18 , 2021

OFL Display Freezer Rack

Traditional beverage freezer layer frame

At the present stage, it is becoming more and more difficult for beverage brands to achieve differentiated competition in the marketing end and product innovation level, so the real decisive point still lies in the search for a "small incision" in the channel details ability. There has always been a saying that "the channel is king" in the traditional FMCG industry.

We can roughly divide the channels into standardized channels and non-standard channels, the former is mainly composed of supermarket and chain convenience stores, while the latter is non-chain stores, grocery stores and husband and wife store channels.For beverage enterprises, standardized channel operation has gradually been similar, it is difficult to form an effective channel operation differences, in essence, is the competition of cost resources.

In today's supermarket and chain convenience stores, there is no zero supply contradiction that often erupted many years ago. The standardized charging mode and operation system make it difficult for brands to achieve the differentiation under the same resource investment, and the competition of non-standard channels can directly open the business gap between brands.

Beverage Supermarket Display Shelf

Yuan gas forest freezer

Plastic Shelf Tray

Coca-Cola with dead weight slide freezer

Now, it seems that this improvement based on customer experience improvement is being rolled out by other beverage brands. More and more beverage manufacturers are turning freezers into delicious freezers, automatically regulating goods, and upgrading customers to experience a cool shopping experience.For example, Yuanqi Forest, Master Kong, Red Bull, Magic Catch, VOSS and many other brands have customized the retail display shelf refrigerator according to the size of their own freezer.

Automatic cargo storage system for smart freezers

On the whole, the role of the intelligent freezer is equivalent to the "self-weight slide" and "customized LOGO" in the ordinary freezer, thus activating the intelligent upgrading trend of the whole non-standard freezer channel.Ofulon dead weight slide system, provide support based on customer application scenarios, just provide frame width and depth size can be customized, the following shows two most widely used in the non-standard freezer are: for the special version of the freezer weight slide, and the general version of the weight slide for the plane frame.

refrigerator slide shelf store

Special version of the freezer roller shelf

In terms of current market dynamics, beverage enterprises are mainly divided into two major routes in the field of intelligent freezer: one is the terminal brand customization into the self-weight slide; the other is with the help of cold chain freezer matching, Europe can always with the network of six regional center offices covering the country to respond to the needs of the above customers, customize more professional slide suitable customers to the intelligent freezer market layout, like the following general version of the weight slide can choose many customized aspects, the front screen brand LOGO, luminous front baffle, separation color can be customized.

plastic freezer shelf dividers

General version of the freezer roller shelf

It can be seen from the current situation of the whole beverage industry that non-standard channels have gradually become the "standard" for various beverage brands to compete for ". The value of intelligent freezer has gradually been excavated and obvious, and the freezer war is also gradually starting.Or the upgrade of the beverage freezer shelf is just a microcosm of the retail industry, and the "blue ocean" shelf upgrade of the whole retail system is still pregnant, Ofulon will witness more shelf scenes upgrade to a self-weight slide to realize automatic goods, so as to achieve continuous value growth.

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