OFL roller shelf value commitment to consumers

May 30 , 2024

The freezer slides developed and produced by OFL Company are not only efficient and smooth, energy-saving and durable, but also make the freezer display more in line with customers' purchasing habits, enhance the purchasing experience, and keep merchants' freezer shelves in a full state at all times.

acrylic display stand

As a high-tech tallying device, the freezer slide is installed on the freezer shelf with an inclination angle of 3-5 degrees. When the front row of merchandise is taken out, the merchandise automatically slides to the front using its own gravity to realize the automatic tallying process.

Aluminium roller shelf divider solves the problems of confusing display in freezers and shelves, and product dumping. The acrylic display is full, improving product exposure. In today's era of high marketing costs, using OFL roller shelf can make your products satisfy customers in a short time and at low cost.

auto front roller shelves

Commercial refrigerator display shelf of the freezer uses the sliding of the ball itself to carry and push the goods to achieve automatic tally and first-in-first-out front-end replenishment. Because of its unique function and exquisiteness and durability, the self-weight slide is widely purchased and configured by the supermarket display industry. OFL is It is a commitment to the value of self-respecting slide products to consumers.

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