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Jun 07 , 2024

Today,Auto front acrylic display shelf brings you 5 commonly used basic tools: the most commonly used ones are supermarket shelves, roller shelf that can automatically tally and display, the end racks on the side of the shelf, the partition boards and guardrails that make the goods neatly arranged. type shelves.

1. Supermarket shelves

accessories vending machine shelf glides

Supermarket shelves are divided into single-sided shelves, double-sided shelves and four-sided shelves according to their structures; iron shelves, steel shelves and steel-wood shelves according to their materials; conventional shelves, promotional shelves and fresh food shelves according to their functions.

Different shelves display different products and also match different display methods. In actual use, they need to be adjusted according to the display needs.

Roller shelf shelves

chest freezer shelves roller

Roller shelf, also known as the gravity slide laminate, is an automatic tallying device that can use the gravity of the goods to automatically slide to the front with the help of the plastic pulley function to realize automatic tallying without any external power drive device.

The use of roller shelf can improve the image of the facade, so that the products on the shelves and freezers can be kept clean and full at all times. When customers take away the products in front, the products in the back will automatically move to the front, creating a personalized visual effect. and shopping experience can attract customers’ attention.

Supermarket end shelf

Supermatket smart drink shelf

It is configured at both ends of the double-sided supermarket shelves and is used for end-end display, taking advantage of changes in customer trends to achieve the purpose of product sales.

Freezer roller shelf cargo system

food rack display

Retail refrigerator Roller shelf of the freezer uses the product's own gravity and the roller function to automatically slide the product to the front, so that the appearance of the freezer appears to be fully stocked at all times.

It can reduce the time of sorting the freezer cards, thereby reducing the number and duration of opening the freezer, saving electricity, and achieving the purpose of increasing revenue and reducing expenditure. At the same time, it improves personnel work efficiency, reduces labor costs, and increases sales.

Acrylic shelf front baffle

cooler fridge refrigerator rack

Installed at the edge of supermarket shelves, it has a certain height, but does not affect the taking and display of goods. It is suitable for displaying high-end fragile goods and effectively avoids losses caused by falling goods.

Supermarket display design has never been a simple matter. It tests not only the professional skills of supermarket operators, but also the quality of the supermarket shelves themselves. Only when good shelves meet good skills can the value of display design be truly realized. Effectively increase product sales.

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