OFL 2021 Mid-Autumn Festival welfare, holiday notice

Sep 15 , 2021

On the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2021, the company, according to the annual holiday arrangement announced by the State Council, according to the actual operation and development of the company, the self-respecting slide brand —— OFL holiday arrangement and the Mid-Autumn Festival welfare are as follows:

OFL is a traditional reservation program to offer all kinds of benefits to its employees every holiday season.This year's Mid-Autumn Festival benefits are also richer, each person issued:

Mooncake 1 box of rice 1 bag of cooking oil 1 barrel thank you boss!

Once the welfare notice is announced, OFL family crowd one after another thank the boss!Give the boss thumb up!

Supplementary classes and warm tips

On September 19-21, the Mid-Autumn Festival has a three-day holiday.It will still be the "epidemic" prevention and control period. Please follow the prevention and control measures announced by the government departments during the festival, and always tighten the string of epidemic prevention.In addition, before the supplementary shift arrangement, is September 18 (Saturday) must go to work normally.

Company holiday arrangement considering the arrangements made by the relevant parties, please prepare the supply in advance to avoid delay of customers due to holidays; for suppliers hope colleagues in all departments to make effective connection in advance.

All our colleagues wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival in advance!A happy family!

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