Marketing Solutions for Convenience Stores

Aug 03 , 2022

In-store merchandising execution is one of the top challenges for retailers. OFL has the merchandising solutions to ensure excellent execution.

Current Situation

In today’s complex retail environment, in-store merchandising execution can often be challenging for store associates to carry out efficiently. Some common day-to-day challenges for store associates include issues with front facing and restocking items throughout the day, working with damaged or malfunctioning merchandising equipment and/or difficult-to-use equipment not optimized for increasing frequency of planogram resets.

Consumer Demand Is Clear

Consumers expect their shopping experience to be convenient. In fact, 9 in 10 shoppers back out of a purchase if it is inconvenient to them, according to a survey of 2,949 US adults conducted by the NRF in October 2021. Furthermore, 7 in 10 shoppers cited leaving a store empty-handed because they could not find what they wanted, according to iVend’s 2021 survey of 2,250 global consumers.

Auto Feed Shelf Glides

Reasons and Importance of Convenience & Reasons For Leaving Store Empty Handed

Effective Retail Merchandising Solutions and Execution Is Key

Effective retail merchandising execution not only translates to increases in sales, but also has a substantial impact on retailers’ revenues. Effective merchandising equipment can help retailers drive sales and save costs through the following:

1. The product display brings a better shopping experience through the New design Bottle Shelf.

2.Increased sales through better presentation and shopper acceptance.

3.Re-allocation of labor time and cost from tedious tasks such as fronting and re-stocking, to more value-added customer facing tasks.

4.Quickly and efficiently adjust retail merchandise planograms and product assortments to local conditions with flexible Auto Front Beverage Shelves.

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