The use of roller shelf for convenience stores

Mar 31 , 2022

Convenience stores at home and abroad are growing significantly in terms of market size and density, brand iterations, and new species and brands are constantly emerging.

The rise of convenience stores has accelerated technological transformation. To upgrade and evolve convenience stores, we must rely on technological progress.

Adjustable Gravity Shelf Display

For example, in terms of how to automatically tally the goods on the shelves, the OFL Vending Machine Roller Tack can solve this problem.

In China, most chain convenience stores have taken the lead in introducing Grey Metal Shelf Glides, so that the sales scene of beverage freezers, shelves and cigarette racks can be the first step to realize "automatic ranking of goods in the first place".

Gondola Sliding Roller Shelf

OFL is happy to see more customers transforming traditional shelves with Beverage Drink Show Shelf, and obtain continuous growth of sales dividends, thereby boosting the comprehensive upgrade of various types of convenience stores.                                           

Because the convenience store in the future is not simply to open a convenience store in the community, but to carry all kinds of high technology, culture, social interaction and services.

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