Precautions When Buying OFL Roller Shelf

Apr 06 , 2022

1.Black Metal Bottler Roller Shelf is customized according to the freezer shelf or shelf. Whether it is a single-layer or double-layer freezer shelf, you must prepare to measure the depth and width of the shelf! The front, back, left and right sides should be measured from the inner diameter of the shelf.

Aluminium Juice drink Shelf

2.Auto Feed freezer Shelf Track uses the gravity of the goods to transport the goods to the front end with the help of balls, therefore, it is necessary to slide freely on the display platform inclined at a certain angle.

If it is on the shelf, it can be customized according to the situation whether the tilt angle is required.

In the freezer, Liquor Store Beverage Show Shelf can be created by adjusting the inclination of the freezer shelf.

Auto Feed Sliding Roller Shelf

3. The dividing line is made of stainless steel, which is not easy to rust or deform. Before assembling the dividing line, determine the width of the products to be placed, and then install the dividing wire at the corresponding holes at both ends of the slideway.

4. If the freezer shelf is not a double shelf, you need to buy an acrylic front baffle to prevent the goods from falling.

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