The best option for organizing your merchandise

Aug 11 , 2023

How to make the goods on the shelves look neat, roller shelf bring you a brand new shelf surface.


gravity roller shelf

Roller shelf can use the gravity of the product itself, with the help of the pulley function, to automatically slide the product to the front, so that the appearance of the shelf is full at all times, especially for high-selling products, keeping the front of the row is helpful to reduce tallying time and save Labor cost.


Drink fridge shelf dividers can be applicated in Liquor Store, Self-service machine, Water Bar, Refrigerator, Supermarket, etc. Gravity Roller Shelf also can be called Gravity Feed, Roller skateboard, Shelf Roller System, Auto Facing Roller Shelves, etc.


This unique system is used as a gravity feed shelving solution which improves visibility of product and allows for easy re-merchandising and automatic facing.

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