Roller shelf in the applicability of supermarkets

Aug 18 , 2023

Large scale food distribution operations provide many automation challenges whether you are a supermarket, other retailer or food  distributor. From hygiene and handling of delicate items through to environmental requirements and freshness, the suitability, reliability and availability of machinery components are key factors.

When customers expect enough fresh goods on the shelves, it means that the demand for this product is already the focus of the store's profits, so the supply of this product will increase rapidly. At this time, the display of goods has become the focus, to facilitate customers to take, and timely replenishment speed, can not only rely on human completion, we can also take self-weight slide to complete.

Auto front flex shelf roller can help products automatically forward slide, always keep in the front end neat and beautiful, can save labor, but also timely and convenient for customers to take goods.

Gravity Roller Sliding Shelf

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