Smart "unmanned dining car" goes online

Nov 25 , 2022

There are a batch of unmanned dining cars first launched in Guangzhou. The dining cars have reached the level of L4 unmanned driving. They can move around flexibly, give way to pedestrians, avoid obstacles and vehicles during autonomous driving, and have a battery life of about 100 kilometers. They are "unmanned retail"" unmanned drive ".

fridge slide sideways

The unmanned dining car adopts the method of scanning and paying, and the desired food or beverage can be automatically delivered to the front end, allowing customers to pick it up in time, which can play "contactless retail" and "contactless delivery".

It can be said that under the current epidemic prevention and control, in order to reduce the hidden dangers of the epidemic caused by human interaction, many products such as contactless retail and contactless delivery have begun to be sold.

Vending Machines Freezer Shelf can not only reduce contact, but also save manpower and time costs. After being installed on a shelf or a freezer, after picking up the front-end product, the automatic slideway at the back is at the front end, without manual sorting of the goods

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