How roller shelf solves temporary commodities

Nov 30 , 2022

After the outbreak began, many supermarkets or convenience stores were closed due to lockdown factors. This has resulted in a lot of short-term products piling up in the store.

How to solve the temporary products has become a big problem. So now there are many stores that will temporarily clear their warehouses, specializing in the sale of temporary products, and the prices have plummeted.

The sale of short-term products has attracted a large wave of shopping, which has led to clutter on the shelves, and customers can't find what they want. Therefore, having a neat shelf can save customers a lot of time searching, and the staff will also Save a lot of time.

Acrylic Shelf Gravity Slide can make the placement of many products easier, and the sliding function can keep the goods at the forefront at all times, making it easy for buyers to take them. It is also possible to adjust the divider according to the size of the product.

beverage refrigerator shelf

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