Reasons for configuring freezer roller shelf

Jan 19 , 2024

Reasons for configuring freezer roller shelf:

1. Let the products be automatically ranked first;

2. Reduce labor and save expenses;

3. Power saving, energy saving and environmental protection;

4. Increase sales and provide customers with a better shopping experience;

5. Retail fridge roller shelf can be customized according to the shelf (width and depth) and can be customized in one piece.

Freezer slide appearance display

Automatic Freezer Shelf Bottle

The gravity slide of OFL freezer adopts a new patented design of ball configuration structure. The new structure allows the core functional area of the roller shelf - the roller to fully play the role of rollers, which is nearly 15% higher than the overall industry average. The product performance is amplified and effectively reduces product stuckness. meal rate.

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