New tallying select roller shelf

Jan 12 , 2024

In the beverage freezer, after the roller shelf is arranged on the ordinary mesh shelf, the front row of the goods is taken out while the back row of the goods is automatically placed in the front row using its own gravity, the automatic tally transportation process without power is realized.

Roller is the core component of Conveyor shelf roller, the material for the strength of plastic, is an important part of the main board slide, the ball can be easily removed from the main board and assembly.

Front Shelf Pusher System

OFL plastic roller shelf can be directly removed to clean the ball, convenient and fast and better cleaning effect, even if the ball is lost or damaged, just need to replace, do not have to buy the whole slide.

Retail Gravity Shelf

The certification/patent system is directly linked to the standard of Euro-American . The production environment, raw materials, quality and process control are directly linked to the world's highest standards.

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