Gray universal version roller shelf

Jun 20 , 2024

It uses the weight of the product itself and uses the ball pulley function to automatically slide the product to the front, automatically complete the transportation of the product, realize automatic sorting, and front-end replenishment, without the need to connect any power drive device.

The automatic slide for shelves is novel and unique, and customers who have used it are full of praise for its automation function. Refrigerator rolling track shelves facilitate replenishment, allowing products to be always displayed at the front and in a full state. Suitable for various forms of goods (beverages, food, milk, medicines, toiletries, cosmetics, carton packaging), reducing the number of tallies, improving employee work efficiency and reducing labor.

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Gray display roller shelf shelves are innovatively developed products

At present, it is more popular abroad and has won the favor of a large number of customers in the Americas, Australia, and the European Union. It solves the stubborn problems of difficulty in sorting shelves and uneven display of goods, keeping supermarket shelves in a full state at all times, and welcoming customers to choose goods in a good state. After picking up the products, the products at the back automatically slide to the front, improving customer experience satisfaction, retaining customers, increasing store popularity, achieving repurchase rates, and achieving good store management. It can be said that a one-time investment will benefit you for life, and early use will reap benefits.

The gray roller shelf solves the stubborn problems of traditional freezers and shelves with confusing cards, dumping, and expired products. The acrylic front baffle can be customized with a LOGO to enhance the three-dimensional brand promotion effect.

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