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Jun 21 , 2024

Freezer roller shelf supplier - Guangdong OFL Automatic Display Shelf Technology Co., Ltd. provides automatic tallying solutions for single-door, double-door, and multi-door freezers. Customers can experience the "automatic forwarding" brought by the Shelf roller for can. "Settings" is a new experience for tallying.

online sales black shelf

Supermarket selling roller rack of the freezer is newly displayed, allowing drinks to slide forward automatically

The products in the front row are taken out, and the back row automatically slides to the front, always keeping the rows neat and tidy, saving the number of times the freezer is opened, thereby saving energy and increasing efficiency. This roller shelf is suitable for all kinds of freezer shelves. OFL provides customized Customized roller shelf for different models/brands of freezer shelf widths and depths.

solar chest sliding shelf rails

OFL freezer slide shelves improve and change the traditional display method. When customers take the goods behind the front row, they automatically slide to the front row, completing the automatic tallying and conveying process.

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