Beverage tally micro-innovation uses roller shelf to improve efficiency

Apr 19 , 2024

As a high-tech product, Vending machine shelf glides shelves can reduce the time spent on sorting out refrigerators and shelves, thereby reducing the number and duration of opening the doors of the refrigerators, saving electricity, and achieving the purpose of increasing revenue and reducing expenditure. At the same time, it improves personnel work efficiency, reduces labor costs, and shortens the cost recovery period.

Equipment Beverage Shelf Roller

Roller shelf solves pain points

Auto font fridge roller shelf solves the problems of confusing display in freezers and shelves, and product dumping. The acrylic display is full, improving product exposure. Today, when marketing costs are high, using roller shelf can make your products noticed by customers in a short time and at low cost.

How to use the roller shelf?

Place an order with OFL based on the size of the customer's current freezer or shelf, and we will customize the slide for you based on your actual situation. You only need to provide the type of goods sold and the size of the shelf. The acrylic front rail can also be customized with a LOGO.

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