Beverage freezer with roller shelf sliding cargo

Apr 26 , 2024

As a new high-tech display prop, Supermarket roller shelf automatically slides the products in the back row to the front after the customer takes the first bottle of drink, realizing automatic sorting of the products and keeping the shelves fully stocked at all times.

The advantage of roller shelf is that it can shorten the arrangement time of double-door freezers, shelves, etc., thus reducing the number and duration of opening the freezer, saving electricity, and achieving the purpose of increasing revenue and reducing expenditure. At the same time, it improves personnel work efficiency, reduces labor costs, and shortens the cost recovery period.

solar chest Shelf freezer

Beverage freezer shelves

Solar freezer small roller shelf solves the stubborn problems of traditional freezers and shelves with confusing cards, dumping, and expired products. The acrylic front baffle can be customized with a LOGO to enhance the three-dimensional brand promotion effect. Today, when marketing costs are high, using roller shelf can make your products noticed by customers in a short time and at low cost.

Beverage freezer roller shelf

Store roller shelf management Follows the trend of the times and adds value to the vertical beverage display freezers in convenience stores/stores/commercial stands. Traditional beverage freezer shelves do not have automatic sorting functions.

When customers take away the goods in the front, the goods in the back row are fixed, which can easily lead to expiration and inconvenience, resulting in a poor shopping experience for customers. In response to the above display problems,  OFL developed an automatic tallying device specifically for vertical beverage freezers - a roller shelf.

Flat version universal version roller shelf matching

Roller shelf device of the freezer has a wide range of applications. It can be used for flat mesh shelves and double-layer mesh shelves. Roller shelf automatically pushes the products to the front. The width of the dividing line can be adjusted arbitrarily, so that the products can be arranged neatly. After a bottle of goods is taken out, the products behind it automatically slide to the front. OFL patented tilt is at a 5-degree angle, so that the products are always neatly classified and displayed in front of customers in a fixed position as always.

retail rack roller Shelf glider

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