Will unmanned convenience stores become a retail trend?

Dec 22 , 2023

From a cost perspective, unmanned convenience stores have first reduced labor costs, and unmanned convenience stores have reduced the number of cashier cabinets and employee rest areas, thus reducing the store area. Compared with traditional convenience stores, unmanned convenience stores have cost advantages.

Today's consumers pay more and more attention to store experience and service quality. However, the service quality of machines is naturally inferior to manual services, so from a market perspective, the future of unmanned convenience stores is still worrying.

From a technical point of view, what unmanned convenience stores need to achieve is unmanned cashiers, unmanned sales, automatic tallying, electronic tags, etc. However, the existing unmanned cash registers, automatic vending machines, and counters equipped with self-weight slides Equipment that enhances customer experience, such as shelves and electronic tags with RFID radio frequency technology, can meet the needs of unmanned convenience stores. However, there is almost a blank in terms of technical equipment to enhance services.

From an operational perspective, there is considerable room for development of unmanned convenience stores in areas where the demand for fresh food is not large and the flow of customers is large. However, when the quality of the citizens has not yet reached a certain level, if operators need to invest a lot of additional manpower in supervision, management, and sorting, the good wish of saving labor for convenience stores will come to nothing.

At the same time, the future of convenience stores mainly lies in the strengthening of fresh food, and unmanned convenience stores still have many difficult to solve problems in the sales and heating services of fresh food. Therefore, from an operational perspective, unmanned convenience stores cannot really meet the needs of customers today.

Whether it is an unmanned convenience store or a traditional convenience store, they all need to solve the problem of how to make the products on the shelves more convenient for customers to purchase, and how to solve the problem of sorting with the least manpower. The OFL roller shelf equipment can solve this trouble and make the products more convenient for customers. First in, first out, always at the front for easy access by customers.

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